ThaiBBY or Books for Children Foundation was founded in 2001 with the support of the Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand (PUBAT) but works independently with its own board committee. The Foundation is a non-profit organization which consists of a network of people in Thailand committed to bringing books and children together.
The organization’s objective is to foster family internal relationships and bonds through books and reading and to give young people access to the specific books they may need; relevant not only to their age but also to their situation.

We believe passionately that a love of reading developed in children and young people from an early age is a vital skill for life. It will equip them to survive in the adult world, accessing valuable information for work and play and will provide a lifetime of pleasure, enhanced social skills and an understanding and concern for humanity.

“Books for Children Foundation” has one full time paid project manager and 7 full time paid project staff. Our work is very varied but all work towards a common purpose and mission:

1. To promote international understanding through children’s books
2. To give children everywhere the opportunity to access books of high literary and artistic standard.
3. To encourage the publication and distribution of quality children’s literacy.
4. To provide support and training for those involved with children and children’s literacy.
5. To stimulate research and scholarly works in the field of children’s literacy.

Thai Section of IBBY (ThaiBBY)
Books for Children Foundation
President. Khunying Kasama Varavarn
23/26 Moo 10 Petchakasame 60/2 Road
Bangduan, Pasicharoen, Bangkok 10160
Tel: +66 (0) 2805 0202